Infinite Expansion

by Transneptunian

And thus as I cross asteroid camps, travelling under the influx of stellar coppers, against the mighty gravity who dwells at the centre of the swirl, who challenges the laws of existence. I reach out my arms from the obscure veil which embraces me, I breath the shine which shall make them rise, facing the teeth of the giantic Andromeda approaching upon me As they devour the space of this doomed galaxy
The red spectre contemplates his fate Which shall consume the lights of the stars The horizon will no longer exist for it stands as the sad future of all existing as the lonely ending of existence the cold desinty of the imperial darkness enemy of the time which arises above gravity as a beast which stretches its victim in a ritual of torture tools it is the heritage of creation the gloomy power of distance the infinite expansion of the universe


released September 30, 2012


all rights reserved



Transneptunian Sevilla, Spain

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